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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Trying to Maintain my Focus

If you've been following my site, you may have noticed that I kinda lost my focus the last week or so. It seems I started adding a lot of products and affiliate links to the website. Along with that, I've recently discovered Youtube ads from Google.

The sum result of all this confusion was a website that was beginning to look like a big, jumbled wannabe online retailer. To fix this problem, I started removing most of the Amazon affiliate links. I kept a few affiliate links that I thought were aesthetically appealing or relevant to the material being discussed.

So now, is more streamlined, less confusing, and more like the site I always wanted it to be. Simply a place for me to discuss my love affair with books and movies.

Have I decided to give up my affiliation with Amazon? Of course not, I still need to eat. Amazon has an affiliate store setup that is actually very ingenious. It allows me to sell the books and movies I talk about in the site through a separate online store that is connected to, but not a part of, my own site. a brother out. Buy a DVD for goodness sakes.

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