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Friday, July 25, 2008

Time to Begin the Mystery Section

The science fiction section of my website is done now. It's time to start the mystery section and I can't wait. I was not pleased with my progress in the scifi section at all. It took me almost a month to write up only five pages. I can't let that happen again on the mystery fiction section. I hope to have the first five pages done within 1 week, ten days tops.

The good thing about mystery is that I've read a lot of it. I would say I've probably read more mystery fiction than perhaps any other genre except for horror. Of course, this would include spin-off genres like suspense and thrillers.

I plan on seeing the new X-Files movie later on today. I should have a review by tonight, and a video review on Youtube.

Let's keep our mind on the goal: One week to finish the Mystery Fiction section.

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