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Monday, July 21, 2008

Cloverfield DVD Review

I watched the DVD Cloverfield today. Cloverfield is a science fiction movie about a group of friends in New York trying to survive an attack by some strange monsters. This movie was unique in that the entire film was made to look as if it was shot with a camcorder.

To me this movie was okay. It was just another "Monster Attacks New York" movie like King Kong, Godzilla, Independence Day, and a bunch of others. The only thing that makes this movie stand out is the unique filming perspective. I thought that made the film different, and helped liven up the overdone plot. However, at times I couldn't stand the camcorder perspective because it made it difficult to view certain parts of the film.

I was very upset that there wasn't more closure to the film. We never find out where the darn monsters come from in the first place. And given that the movie was aiming for realism, I found it annoying that all of the actors looked perfect. No one was heavyset, no one had any deformities, no one was balding, no one looked ugly. All of the characters were picture perfect models-type actors, a very annoying science-fiction cliche.

What I liked
Lots of clever banter
Great shots of NYC from different overhead angles

What I didn't like
Ambiguous ending
Too many pretty actors
Over used plot

I give this movie only 2 quarters. You might need to familiarize yourself with my rating system.

I'm glad I rented it instead of paying $10 bucks for a ticket. I'm pretty sure it won't make my top 10 list for 2008.

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