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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Top Ten Science Fiction Movies

I've been looking at a lot of movies of late, especially with the summer blockbusters coming out. I'm starting to think science fiction movies are making a comeback. There was a time when scifi movies were all about philosophy and warning man of the doom to come.

Not anymore. 2007 introduced 4 good scifi movies. So far, we have another 3 this year with Hancock, Incredible Hulk, and Wall-E. I'll be posting reviews for all of them pretty soon.

So, using the rating system I mentioned in the previous post, here are my top 10 science fiction movies from the past decade.

1. The Matrix – 4
2. King Kong - 4
3. Star Wars Episode III - 4
4. K-Pax - 4
5. I, Robot - 4
6. Planet of the Apes - 4
7. Star Wars: Episode II - 3
8. Spider-Man 2 - 3
9. Transformers - 3
10. Matrix Reloaded - 3

Visit the website to see my ratings for the other science fiction movies from the past that didn't make the cut.

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