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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

National Treasure Book of Secrets

National Treasure follows the story of Benjamin Franklin Gates and his uptight father, genius girlfriend, and nerdy buddy Riley, as they try to prove Ben's ancestor was a true hero. Like the first movie, the plot primarily centers around the search for a lost treasure, this time a city of gold.

Despite the historical inaccuracies and the impossible storyline, I found National Treasure Book of Secrets mildly enjoyable. There were some funny moments and a few exciting parts. Overall, the movie a little less that what I expected.

Some of the escapades just made the whole thing too unrealistic. Ben kidnaps the President for goodness sakes! In part one, he managed to steal the Declaration of Independence. Even though that seems just as impossible, it seemed more believable than the stunts in part Book of Secrets.

I found the character of Ben to be a little annoying. He was just a little too sure of himself in this movie. Whereas, in part one he was a geek who used his knowledge of history and US government policy to steal the Declaration, in Book of Secrets, he's like a secret agent who can do whatever he wants with only the slightest bit of planning.

I like movies and stories that leave open the possibility of a sequel without overdoing it. National Treasure Book of Secrets does that as well. And considering the boatload of money this film grossed, it's probably safe to assume one will be made in coming months.

What I liked:
Riley, Ben's assistant
Historical references
Funny dialog

What I did not like:
Incan pyramids in North America
No conspiracy
Unbelievable story
Ben Gates new cockiness and self assuredness.

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