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Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Horror Section is Finished

I finally finished the last article in the horror section of I can now begin sending links exchange requests to other websites and basically begin the marketing of my website. I feel good that it's finished and I'm excited to begin the next section, which will probably be either sci-fi or fantasy.

While writing this last article, I had to do some research on classic horror authors like Poe and Washington Irving. I read a large section of The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow and all of The Raven. I tell you, those are some great pieces of literature.

While reading Sleepy Hollow, I was amazed at the flowery and descriptive language. The last time I read that story I was ten years old, so I've forgotten a lot of it. Even though the writing was beautiful, I understand that kind of writing wouldn't fly with today's readers. It was just too burdensome. Lover's of literature might appreciate it, but it's not for the casual fan.

I now have my plan for promoting The Jinn in the future, Inshallah. As soon as I get that Economy Stimulus rebate from the government in two weeks, Inshallah, I'm going to get myself an ISBN for The Jinn. has them available with their starter package for only $99. I don't know if that's a great bargain or not, but it sounds good to me.

Once I have that ISBN, I can work on getting my book listed in Amazon. And hopefully, once it gets on Amazon, that might start the ball rolling. I don't expect thousands, or hundreds, or even dozens of sales just yet. Of course, I dream about getting those numbers, but I know it's unlikely. But I'll be happy when just a few people finally read the book and give their honest feedback. I just want to get this book to the public and see what happens.

I think it's a great book, but I'm supposed to think that. If I didn't think it was great, I would've never wrote it. My wife also think it's great, but I know I've gotta take that with a grain of salt.

I just pray this all works out. The bills are piling up, and it's getting harder and harder to stay afloat. In the end, it all rests with God, and I can only say that at least I gave it my best shot. At least I gave it a shot at all.

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