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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Added a new page on the site

I finally got the first chapter embedded into the website. I also added a new page about fantasy creatures. I'm most please to find some of my pages make it onto Google's first page. It was extremely gratifying to see some of my hard work pay off. Granted, these are probably not the most competitive words that I'm ranking so high on, it's still proof that my SEO skills are coming together.

I've also finished a story I started writing months ago. I only wanted this story to be about four or five pages long, but it wound up being eleven.

Now, I'm going to start working on putting together a short story CD. This CD will include several short stories that I've written over the years. I hope to offer it for a very reasonable price; no more than $5. Once that's done, I'm going to focus on finishing up the fantasy section, recording more chapters for The Jinn, and marketing, marketing, marketing.

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