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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Just Started the New Section

I've finally started the newest section at I'm starting to work on the fantasy section. It's a little difficult, but I'm remembering some great stories I read as a kid. I'm still hoping I can get my work Lost Causes finished. That's probably the closest I have to real fantasy.

I read an interesting post today about the perception of self published authors. From the sounds of it, SP's are kinda looked down upon by most people in the publishing industry. I can understand that sentiment, especially if the authors are rather obnoxious.

Reading some of that information makes me consider actually becoming a publisher rather than just a writer. Heck, I've got one complete novel and 3 complete children's books, why not? It's just a thought for now, but one I'm seriously considering. But the issue is not what to publish or how to set up the company. The issue I face is how to distribute and market my work.

That's what separates the SP's from the real published authors.

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