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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Best Science Fiction Movies Are Now Discussed on My New Site

Where to go to find the best science fiction movie information out there? Oh wait...I owe you an explanation.

I know it's been a while. But I had to take some time to work on other projects and prepare my new website. Here's how it all goes.

My original website was but it wasn't just about horror. Even though "horror" was in the URL, I realized that I was interested in much more than just horror.

So I changed the NAME of the site to Fiction in Books and Movies and decided to write about anything and everything dealing with fiction.

Well that got old pretty quick. First, there's just too much information out there. It's impossible for one may to stay abreast of all the things happening with books and movies at all times.

Secondly, I had a feeling the URL containing the word horror was chasing away those people looking for scifi, fantasy and mystery, even though I discussed all three at great length.

So...after some time I decided to start a new site. This one is and is the first of three spin-offs from the horror-fiction site.

Even though the sf&f site is not complete yet, it is fully running with several articles and science fiction movie trailers.

As for the horror fiction site, that has been modified as well. I've removed the "Fiction in Books and Movies" title to something more representative of the site's content. I've removed most of the sf&f info that was there and have refocused the site on just horror. This is also a work in progress, but should be complete soon.

Once again, I'm sorry. Won't happen again.

I hope.

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